Go Beyond the Standard Daycare Franchise in Texas with KLA Schools

Early childhood education services are in high demand nationwide, particularly in strong markets like Texas.

Child education franchise in KLA Naperville South

This suggests that the time to launch a childcare franchise in Texas is right now – but choosing the right partner can help you develop something that is more than just a standard daycare business.

KLA Schools’ private preschool franchises are among the highest rated in the early childhood education space. Our team of experienced education professionals is confident that we can build another top-performing childcare franchise alongside you.

What Makes KLA Schools Special?

KLA Schools is one of the only preschools that uses the revolutionary Reggio Emilia Approach - a holistic, multisensory approach to learning and growth where children learn by doing. The children who attend our schools have some control over how they learn through real-world interactions and environmental educational experiences.

The KLA Schools team is made up of experts in both education and business who are passionate about the preschool franchise opportunity that we have built. We know how impactful early childhood education is in every student’s life, which is why we are so dedicated to building the best schools possible.

As a KLA Schools franchise owner, you will have access to our support resources, including real estate development and site selection assistance. This support will be highly valuable as many others struggle to find and secure available space to build their daycare franchise – especially in top territories like Texas.

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Why Open a School in Texas?

If you are considering starting an education business, you should know which areas are the best to open a preschool franchise in Texas. The KLA Schools team has conducted market research on the top metro areas in Texas to assess what attracts families with young children to live in each area. The childcare industry is directly tied to workforce participation and population, both of which are increasing, especially in these metro areas. We are confident that opening a KLA Schools franchise in or near any of these cities will give your new preschool plenty of opportunity to succeed.

Two families with daughters taught by reggio emilia approach
early childhood education franchise in Austin, Texas


Austin is the capital of Texas and is home to the state university’s main campus. The city regularly hosts events that cater to community members of all ages. As a result, an increasing number of families are choosing to live in or near Austin. Reports from Movoto Real Estate estimate that just under 15 percent of the city’s population comprises children under nine years old, and about half of the city’s residents live in family households. Austin hosts several corporations from various industries, contributing to its low unemployment rate.


Despite its status as the fourth largest city in the country, Houston has remained relatively affordable, particularly compared to other major cities. Houston has a robust job market thanks to the number of Fortune 500 companies based there – the most in the country outside of New York City. Families also appreciate the many different neighborhoods they can live in, each with its unique charm and feel. Houston is also one of the more buyer-friendly real estate markets among major American cities, giving families confidence in their ability to move into their dream homes.

childcare franchise in Houston Texas
child education franchise in Dallas Texas

Dallas and Fort Worth

Dallas and Fort Worth are two of the biggest cities in Texas, located in close proximity to each other. Both areas have prominent universities in and around them, along with plenty of other major attractions in the downtown area. Both cities are surrounded by numerous suburbs that are ideal for families who want convenient access to the cities’ many amenities but also wish to enjoy occasional peace and quiet.

The US currently has the highest educated workforce in history, and parents increasingly want innovative and high-quality preschool options for their children. KLA Schools is growing, and we are confident these areas are ideal places for you to open a new preschool that can go above and beyond the standard daycare franchise in Texas.

Want to learn more about KLA Schools’ childcare franchise opportunities in Texas? Contact our team today, and we can discuss the process together!

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