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KLA Schools, from the start, was built on the foundation of creating an innovative hands-on early childcare setting. It's part of what motivated our founders, Candy and Roberto Ortega, to open their first-ever KLA Schools location. Candy's passion for education, specifically using the innovative Reggio Emilia approach, combined with Roberto's business background, allowed their preschool to flourish. Students and their guardians quickly connected with our unique style, classroom design, teaching curriculum, and educational outcomes they experienced with KLA Schools.

This eBook details Candy and Roberto's journey to build KLA Schools into the fantastic early childhood education franchise opportunity it continues to remain today. Quotes from our founders on their motivations and insights help shed light on how they set their preschool apart from the rest - and how today's KLA Schools franchise owners are able to do the same. Candy and Roberto also share the values and observations that helped form the process our KLA franchise owners follow in their efforts to establish a preschool franchise in their community that surpasses those of the standard daycare franchise.

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