Real Estate

Coral Gables

Real Estate Options

KLA Schools owners have the option to build their own preschool on purchased or leased land or lease or purchase an existing space and retrofit it to meet the needs of the children. Freestanding buildings are ideal as they typically provide more outdoor space.

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Real Estate Locations

We require that KLA Schools franchisees open their school in a high population density area where other preschools are already open and operating. Our team works directly with franchisees on the market research that is needed to assess each potential operating area.

Naperville AXO FINAL

Site Specifications

Building Interior Space 6,000 - 17,000 sq. ft.
The size of the building will determine the number of classrooms and the student capacity. KLA "Sweet spot" is 10,000 - 12,000 square feet which is about 12 classrooms with 180 students.

Land Size
1 acre or more

Playground Space
3,500 sq. ft. or more

Parking Space
Must meet county requirements.

Drop off area
Recommended, but optional

Franchise Site Requirements

Our business model leads to better outcomes for children. KLA Schools owners are in integral part of the communities that they serve, and we know that each school must reflect the needs, attitudes, and desires of the community where it is located.

While our schools have many similarities and follow our innovative educational approach, our team of designers and architects work closely with each owner to ensure that their school is a natural and welcome addition to the community.

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