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With early childhood education services and programs endlessly in demand, childcare franchise opportunities abound for those who choose to invest. These programs vary from daycare centers, where the focus is primarily on meeting a child’s most basic physical needs to preschools, where a child’s educational needs and preparation for elementary school are a major focus. At KLA Schools, our holistic approach to being a preschool education franchise integrates a child’s physical, academic, social, and emotional needs - providing each child with developmentally appropriate enrichment and support.

Our Innovative Approach

Leading the way in a dynamic industry

We’re Here For Working Parents

Did you know that over 88% of preschoolers with working moms are in a preschool or childcare environment? This number increases yearly as more women, for economic or personal reasons, opt to stay in the workforce after having children. When it comes to choosing the best childcare option for their child, parents typically tour multiple schools before deciding on the most suitable childcare franchise opportunity for their child. Our unique spaces and innovative approach makes KLA Schools an appealing choice for educated, working parents.

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Time Spent In Childcare

Children with working parents who attend a childcare facility spend an average of 35 hours per week there. With so much time spent away from home, it’s incredibly important that children are looked after by nurturing and qualified educators. Preschool franchises like KLA, with a commitment to professional development and training, are more likely to retain quality staff and attract parents with an eye on education.

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Building Brighter Futures For Children

In 2011, over 32 million children were in a regular childcare arrangement while their parents worked. We know that providing a differentiated, flexible early education leads to better outcomes for children. Today’s children will inherit the world we create, and it’s our job as educators to help prepare them to address the challenges of the future—not the problems of our past.

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Join a Growing Industry

The US childcare market is on track to grow at a rate of nearly 4% year over year through 2027. The childcare industry is directly tied to workforce participation and population - both of which are increasing. As long as working parents continue to have children, those children will need care and education. We have the highest educated workforce in history, and parents increasingly want innovative, high-quality preschool options for their children. This uniquely and competitively positions KLA Schools over other childcare franchise opportunities in the market.

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Best Customer 2023

America’s Best Customer Service Companies 2023

We’re happy to announce that KLA Schools ranked #1 in the Child Care Services category in America’s Best Customer Service Companies List 2023 from Newsweek.
Top 500

Top 500 Franchises

KLA Schools is featured in this year’s Franchise Times Top 500 Franchises list. It’s an honor to receive this recognition! Are you interested in making a difference for children in your community? Learn more about the path to becoming a KLA Schools preschool owner!

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