Are you the perfect candidate? KLA Schools Franchise is looking for franchisees who are passionate about the education of young children. At the end of the day, this business involves a parent’s greatest treasure: their children. The KLA Schools Daycare Franchise opportunities are oriented to someone who is willing to make the care, safety and well-being of the child their number one priority.

KLA Schools Franchise is continuing to expand nationwide! With more than fifteen schools in operations, we are looking for qualified franchisees who are passionate about the education of young children to join the growing KLA family! There are several territories that are available throughout the nation, so contact us today to learn more information about our child care franchise opportunities.

A Great Child Care Franchise

As a potential member of the KLA Schools team, it is very important to us that we find franchisees that have a strong passion for the field of early childhood education while also meeting our franchise qualifications. If you are interested in becoming a KLA Franchisee or finding out more information about the franchising process, please get in touch today.

KLA originated back in 2008 when its first location was opened in Brickell, near Downtown Miami by Candy Arocena and her husband, Roberto. In the years to follow, they proceeded to open a total of four corporate owned schools all located in the South Florida area. With both the vision and the resources to generate a national, Reggio Emilia inspired childcare franchise, the founders created the KLA Schools Franchise Program in 2010. Since 2010, KLA and/or its affiliates have helped to establish 17 franchises nationwide and currently manage 8 corporate schools. KLA currently has an additional 3 franchised schools under development.
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What it Takes to Own a KLA franchise opportunity?

The upfront capital investment needed to own a KLA Schools center begins with $98,500. This amount consists of the funds to meet our Franchise fee which is $78,500 and our Site Selection fee which is $20,000. The Site Selection fee is broken down into two payments, where $10,000 is paid at the signing of the Franchise Agreement and the other $10,000 is paid at the time of the signing of the lease or purchase agreement.

The document below shows a breakdown of the total investment needed to franchise and establish your school. Please note that the provided price range does not include the purchasing of your site location and that price range may vary based on the market of the childcare franchise for sale.

As part of our Day Care Franchise opportunities Support, we help you to obtain financial support through a trusted financial institution. While KLA Schools does not directly provide financing, we have extensive experience and a good working relationship with banks that will be able to help you. KLA Schools Franchise is part of the SBA program which will also help with the financing process.

Financial Performance

To answer the question that is on everyone’s mind: What do earnings look like for a KLA Schools franchise school?

  • Your earnings will depend on the size of your school.
    • In 2020, for a “smaller” KLA Schools (one with capacity for 101 to 140 children), average gross revenue was $1,498,465 and average EBITDARED was $713,751 of our franchisees with smaller schools attained or surpassed this result.
    • In 2020, for a “larger” KLA Schools (one with capacity for 141 and up children), average gross revenue was $1,307,602.00 and average EBITDARED was $303,167 of our franchisees with larger KLA Schools attained this result.
  • When you come for your Discovery Day visit you will be provided with a printed copy of our FDD, which contains our Item 19.  Note that the data above reflects more “mature” schools that were open prior to July 1, 2018.   Our FDD separately includes data for schools that more recently opened, as well as data for all schools from fiscal year 2019.
  • Your financial results may differ from the result stated in this financial performance representation.
Download the KLA Schools Franchise Investment Guide

How much Involvement in a Daycare franchise opportunity is needed?

As a KLA Franchisee you can choose to be as involved in the school's daily operations as you choose. If you have experience and a background in the field of education and meet the needed qualifications, you may elect to hold a role such as a school director or an assistant director.

If you want a less involved role, you may choose be the on-site owner or operations manager that is involved with the school's daily operations and needs. Franchise owners can also choose to be an off-site owner where you oversee the operation of the school and your staff for a smaller-scale role.

We will help you to find qualified personnel with the proper educational experience to staff your school, so whichever role you choose to hold, you can rest assure that your school will be operating with highly-trained personnel in the field of Early Childhood Education Industry.

How to Find and Build Your Daycare Franchise Location?

So, you entered the KLA daycare franchises opportunities world,  and it comes to find the perfect  location,  there are several important factors to keep in mind in order to find the perfect site. The below infographic will show you the site options and criteria for a KLA Schools. Our real estate team members are experts on not only site requirements but also finding the right market for a KLA Schools.

Our team will travel to the area/s that you are interested in opening your school and do a full market analysis to get to know and understand the area, demographics and competition. Once potential locations are found for your school, you will be presented with different options for making your site selection. Once your site has been selected, we will work with you to secure your location and begin the construction process.


The construction process and timing will vary based on whether you will be retrofitting your site or constructing it from the ground up.

If your site will be developed from the ground up, it can take one to two years to develop, and if you are retrofitting your site, it can take six months to one year.

Weather and other factors can play a huge part in your schools construction, so these time frames are estimates. A project timeline will be established for your school at the beginning of the process with estimated dates of completions.

The timeline will be modified and updated throughout the process to keep all parties on the same page and working on schedule.

Not familiar with construction?

Don't worry, we will help you find a qualified contractor, assist you with permitting, building design and all the other steps that are part of the process.

The KLA Schools Franchise Investment GuideDownload the Daycare Franchise Guide

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KLA Schools Franchise is a program that offers a safe and secure environment with qualified, experienced teachers.

KLA Schools Franchise Investment Overview

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