If you’re an entrepreneur or educator interested in starting your own early childhood education center, you should consider investing in one of the top preschool franchises on the market today. Of course, you could try to open a daycare practice on your own. However, many people who choose to do this find that their new business struggles to stand out from the many daycare options that already exist in the market.

It’s favorable you find an established childhood education brand to help differentiate your location from nearby options. Partnering with just any brand will not truly give you the full boost you’d hope to gain from a franchising opportunity. To help you understand your options, we will use this blog to compare 5 of the biggest names in the childhood education franchise market: KLA Schools, The Goddard School, Primrose Schools, Children’s Lighthouse, and Ivy Kids Early Learning Center.

While KLA Schools has a smaller presence, we continue to deliver superior educational outcomes for our students. Families who live in the communities where we have schools often realize that our approach is the best option for their children. As such, our franchise owners can build an optimal level of enrollment and accomplish the goals they hoped to achieve when starting their childcare business.


Evaluating Important Aspects of a Childcare Franchise

KLA Schools ranks among the best preschool franchises to own and compares favorably against some of the industry’s biggest names. Below, you’ll find several major categories that a top preschool franchise must consider and see how KLA stacks up against the competition.

Engaging Curriculum

Most childcare franchises adopt their own specific curriculum to implement school-wide. Each of our KLA Schools preschools follows the Reggio Emilia Approach to learning – something that no other major early childhood education brand does!

The Reggio Emilia method focuses on helping young students learn through hands-on experiences that allow them to use their senses to explore and help them understand the world around them. This helps students stay more engaged during lessons at our schools compared to the standard classroom structure. Our KLA educators promote student-centered learning where students are active participants rather than the typical lecture style other preschools follow.


Every franchise opportunity requires an investment from the potential owner, and preschools are no different. Opening a KLA Schools franchise usually requires you to afford initial expenses of between $1,121,000 and $5,804,750, depending on how you choose to build out your preschool franchise. We also recommend that potential franchise owners like yourself have $500,000 in liquid capital available to begin the franchising process with us.

KLA Schools ranks as one of the more affordable early childhood education franchises in today’s market. As a KLA franchise owner, you can buy land to construct a new building, purchase land with an existing building, or lease and repurpose a building to fit our preschool franchise model. This allows you to choose the option that best prevents you from overextending your financial capabilities.

Other big-name competitors with franchising opportunities, like Primrose, Children’s Lighthouse, and Ivy Kids, estimate an investment range with a much higher minimum compared to a KLA Schools franchise.*

Preschool franchise opportunities that provide a stimulating and educational environment for young children.

Support Resources

We understand how important our role as a franchisor is in your chances of success as a franchise owner. Our team is responsible for a number of critical support efforts that can take your preschool to the next level and make it the preferred option for families in your area. These include:

  • Real estate and site selection assistance
  • Training seminars on the Reggio Emilia Approach and leadership skills
  • Local marketing campaigns to reach and attract families in the area
  • An architectural design team dedicated to providing school and classroom layouts

While competitors like Goddard, Primrose, Ivy Kids, and Children’s Lighthouse offer some level of training and support, KLA Schools has the most comprehensive package available to franchise owners in the industry. We consistently provide high-quality resources so your KLA franchise locations can continue to build positive momentum throughout your journey with us.

Targeted Expansion

Many early childhood education brands advertise franchise opportunities but neglect to specify where they are looking to grow. We, on the other hand, have identified a number of territories that we are confident will serve as ideal markets for a KLA Schools franchise. We began with several locations in South Florida and are continuing to expand into plenty of other areas that can support our services.

The KLA team identifies top markets by researching the amount of preschool-aged children living in the territory, the area’s average household income, and other key demographic data. In our eagerness to establish new franchises throughout the country, we are setting our sites particularly on states like Texas, Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee.

Ready to see the difference that KLA Schools can make for you compared to the other biggest names in the childcare industry? You can make the most of the high demand for early childhood education by franchising with KLA Schools and leveraging our competitive advantages!

Have more questions about how KLA Schools stacks up against the competition? Contact us today, and our team will share what makes our preschool franchise opportunity the best one for you!

*Investment range numbers based on disclosed information in the 2023 Franchise Times Top 400 list