Childcare services are among the most vital that just about every community has a constant demand for. The typical daycare franchise meets the basic needs of what parents and guardians expect of childcare businesses — but that is not always good enough. Families are more aware of the impacts on their child’s development than ever before and are eager to find the right early childhood education franchise to positively impact their child’s learning process.

KLA Schools has built a preschool environment that places students at the center of their learning experience. Rather than following the traditional classroom format, we encourage students to learn by exploring and interacting with their surroundings in the classroom. This allows them to better utilize their senses compared to the activities and lessons they would encounter at a standard daycare franchise.

child drawing in school

Reggio Emilia Philosophy Powers Our Teaching

Traditional daycares are not set up with an inspirational and engaging curriculum to spark children's curiosity to learn, leaving many without the foundational skills to prepare them for higher learning. KLA Schools addresses this through the Reggio Emilia Approach, a philosophy that places more emphasis on encouraging students to become more active learners in the classroom.

At KLA Schools, teachers and students experience a more dynamic exchange of conversations and ideas, allowing the students to contribute more directly to each lesson. We’ve found that the Reggio Emilia Approach keeps them engaged and invested – and families are often more satisfied with the learning outcomes generated at KLA Schools compared to other early childhood care options.

Learning Goes Beyond the Classroom

KLA Schools integrates real-world experiences into the classroom, solidifying concepts so students can better understand the lessons. Parents are more satisfied with the positive interactions and genuine enjoyment our students experience, finding it to be an improvement compared to what they’ve encountered at daycare facilities. Our approach helps each KLA Schools franchise to deliver superior educational outcomes, fostering a love of learning in every child.

Our Classrooms Enhance the Preschool Learning Experience

The KLA team works alongside each of our franchise owners to create the ideal classroom setting that aligns with the Reggio Emilia philosophy. Doing so creates a better learning environment for the children, making them more active learners as they continue their development.

Our design team structures each classroom at a KLA Schools franchise to feature a large amount of open space. This encourages students to explore their surroundings in a safe and controlled environment where our educators can help them learn. We also add plants, natural materials, and soft colors into the classroom environment to inspire feelings of warmth and tranquility, creating an optimum space for student learning.

Flexibility That’s in Line with Our Shared Vision

Our goal is to work alongside franchise owners who want to bring a high-quality, unique early childhood education option to their area and build a growing business at the same time. We aim to make this happen by offering entrepreneurs like you the flexibility to set up your new preschool franchise in a way that best works for you and your community, starting with allowing franchise owners to choose between constructing a new building or remodeling an existing space to run their school. Depending on your ideal budget and the location of the real estate you’ve selected, you can choose to either purchase land and build a newly constructed school building or lease an existing building to operate your new KLA Schools franchise.

Throughout the process, we make sure that the structure and layout of your school building support our shared vision for a learning space that fosters the Reggio Emilia Approach. This includes ensuring that the building you selected can accommodate not only our classroom design but also wide corridors with large windows that can filter in natural light to support student exploration and inspired learning. As part of our pre-opening process, the KLA team also works with new franchise owners to install a fun and safe outdoor playground area and verify that the school grounds have adequate space for parking to meet relevant local regulations.

Traditional daycares don’t bring the unique educational philosophy, strong support, and well-designed school layouts you’ll find with our KLA Schools. We’re eager to prove why our preschool franchise investment is one of the best you can make – not just for your own portfolio but for families in your community as well!

Reach out to the KLA Schools team today to learn more information about our franchise opportunity and what makes our franchise superior to the typical daycare experience!