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What Makes Us Such a Unique Investment Opportunity?

There is perhaps no more important a task than to prepare our children for their lives as adults — which is why anyone looking into day care franchise opportunities is probably doing so with a certain amount of appropriate seriousness. Due to sustained unemployment and more disposable income, more and more parents are turning to outside private sources to educate and take care of their children, such that US revenue for early education centers in 2019 is projected to be $11 billion. KLA Schools is proud to be a family of innovative early childhood centers that are committed to providing children ages three months to six years with the chance to flourish and grow in safe educational environments. We’re also proud of our investment opportunity, which we believe is a unique one. Let’s take a look at three reasons why that is.

The Reggio Emilia Approach

Since our inception in 2008, we’ve based our curriculum on the Reggio Emilia Approach to early childhood education, which emphasizes hands-on discovery learning. It’s a program that embraces the principles of respect, responsibility, and community through exploration and discovery, allowing children to proceed at their own pace and learn based on their own interests. Because this approach celebrates the individuality of each child, children who attend Reggio Emilia-inspired schools are known to become independent lifelong learners. KLA Schools is proud to extend this highly respected approach to learning to all our students, because we believe it truly is one of the best ways to expand young minds and celebrate individual growth.

Our Look and Feel

Our upscale and modern schools look and feel like no others. Children who attend our centers grow and learn in an open and airy environment, one filled with colorful natural, recycled and man-made materials that invite students to explore and engage. Each school also houses an Atelier, or art studio, where students can explore their artistic side using creative and open-ended materials. Our nature-based playgrounds are another opportunity for children to interact with their environment and have fun outside, playing and socializing with their classmates. Some of our playgrounds also have spaces for gardening. We believe it’s very important to create environments in which children feel safe and free to express themselves as true individuals, and the best day care franchise opportunities do just that.

Our Support of Franchisees

We take what we do seriously, not only when it comes to children and their families, but to our franchisees as well. Our franchise team is made up of highly qualified and dedicated professionals who are committed to the success of each and every one of our KLA Schools franchisees — and we’re proud to say, our dedication to them shows! A visit to our Testimonials page speaks volumes. We make sure all our partners receive thorough training before their open their center doors, and we’re there to support them afterwards, offering guidance and advice by phone and email on any questions or concerns they may have. We also make periodic visits to our schools to advise owners on aspects of operations and management, and help to craft marketing strategies that get the word out.


We believe we represent a unique investment opportunity in a growing industry. If you’d like more information about KLA Schools, reach out to us today!


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