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What Makes a Good Franchise Location?

If you’re considering opening a daycare franchise with KLA Schools, chances are you’ve been brainstorming potential locations in your area. If you live in a community with lots of families, your territory might have what it takes to build a strong daycare franchise. KLA Schools has plenty of experience setting up new locations, and we’ve learned a thing or two about what to look for. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the criteria we keep in mind as we search for great new locations.

Easy to Access

KLA Schools need to be easy to access. Being centrally-located is a plus, as it allows families to pick their children up without needing to go too far out of their way. Furthermore, a central location is a great way to catch the attention of potential customers who pass by. Having plenty of parking is also important. During drop-off and pickup times, parents will be flooding through the parking lot. Making sure there’s enough room for parents to safely pick up their children is key. Furthermore, many families prefer to take public transportation in urban areas. Finding a location that’s conveniently located along bus or train lines, or that is near a transit hub, is a great way to increase your pool of potential customers.

Plenty of Space

Our daycare franchises do so much more than just providing childcare. We offer numerous programs to children of varying ages. Our classrooms are known for being large so that children can play, explore, and learn in new ways. Our playground spaces are home to gardening projects as well as summer programs in addition to regular playtime, so they’re often fluttering with activity and necessary equipment. It’s important that our daycare franchises are sufficiently large enough for all of this to take place simultaneously!

An Affordable Lease

It’s critical that our franchisees find a location that gives them the amenities they need on terms they can afford. An expensive lease will be a drain on your profits for years to come. You’ll want to make sure that you’ve made careful estimations as to your projected growth before you sign any lease. When you partner with KLA Schools, we’ll help you to develop a budget so you have a clear idea of what you should spend on your lease.

KLA Schools Helps You Find the Right Daycare Franchise Space

At this point you might be feeling overwhelmed. After all, it can’t be easy to find all of these qualities in one location! Part of the KLA Schools investment includes a flat fee for help finding a location. This fee covers the costs associated with valuable services like demographic research and real estate partners. With the support of our corporate team and our third-party partners, we’ll simplify the process of finding just the right space for your daycare franchise.

Finding the right location for your daycare franchise is more important than ever. To learn more about the potential of your local territory, contact us today.