If you’re an entrepreneur looking to start a lucrative business, there are myriad unique and interesting opportunities available. One avenue to consider is investing in children’s franchises, which are known for their growth potential and ability to foster strong relationships with loyal customers. However, these businesses typically have to do more than appeal to the child who will be primarily consuming their products or services – they also have to prove themselves to the child’s parents or guardians.

There are many kinds of businesses that primarily market their products or services to children – which means you have plenty of options to consider. This blog will detail seven different types of businesses that are geared toward young children. Each one has its own distinct business model and can offer varying levels of return on your investment.

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The best children’s franchises can provide something that will positively impact kids’ futures. This is why preschool franchises often experience high demand because they offer a service to children who are in crucial stages of their learning and development. Early childhood education is experiencing more demand than ever before, thanks to the increased amount of importance that families with young students are placing on schooling.

Of course, these families have plenty of options when choosing where to send their young children to preschool, so you will want to build one that can stand out amongst the competition. KLA Schools utilizes the Reggio Emilia Approach, a highly engaging and rewarding philosophy that impacts everything our preschools do. From our curriculum to classroom design to school layout, we structure our preschools to deliver the best educational outcomes possible for those who prefer a more actively engaged classroom than what you would find elsewhere.


Bright and organized early childhood education franchise classroom with artistic supplies, colorful mats, and various toys scattered throughout the space.

Daycares can be found in almost all communities as childcare services are also in high demand. Those who run daycares can typically count on repeat business, as most families will send their children until they age out of the service – and this can be repeated if the family has multiple children.

One thing to note is that even though children can attend daycare for many years, KLA Schools franchises can accommodate even more age groups, including infants, preschool and Pre-K-aged children, and kindergarten-aged children. Also, many daycares have similar setups and offerings, so they can have a tough time differentiating themselves from each other. Most daycares can’t offer the unique educational experience that a KLA Schools location can.

Indoor Play Centers

An indoor play center gives children a safe, stimulating, and weather-proof environment for active play and socialization. Parents value indoor play centers that offer age-appropriate equipment and activities designed to promote physical development, creativity, and imagination.

Clean and well-maintained facilities, along with attentive staff trained in child safety and supervision, instill confidence in parents. The ability to host special events, birthday parties, and family-friendly activities can enhance the appeal of the indoor play center as a go-to destination for fun and memorable experiences for the whole family.

Kids’ Sports Studios

A sports studio offering activities like martial arts or gymnastics can appeal to families with young children by providing a holistic approach to physical fitness and personal development. Parents are attracted to studios that prioritize safety, hire qualified instructors, and utilize an age-appropriate curriculum. These studios also serve as high-quality alternatives to other team sports, which require more outdoor space and a higher enrollment of children.

These activities not only promote physical strength, coordination, and agility but also instill valuable life skills such as discipline, focus, and confidence. Family-friendly scheduling options and opportunities for parent-child participation further enhance the interest, fostering a sense of community and bonding while encouraging healthy habits from an early age.

Bowling Alleys

The best bowling alleys can provide a fun and engaging experience suitable for all ages. Family-friendly features such as lightweight bowling balls, bumpers, and ramps ensure that even the youngest players can participate and enjoy the game.

Many bowling alleys also offer kid-friendly food options, arcade games, and birthday party packages, creating a complete entertainment experience for families. Themed events and special promotions add excitement and value, making a bowling alley a popular choice for family outings and gatherings.

Outdoor Activities and Events

A business that gives children the opportunity to explore their environment, learn about their surroundings, and engage in physical activity is often a hit with families. This is a broad category that can describe several different businesses, such as:

  • Trampoline parks or bounce houses
  • Nature walks or guided tours
  • Obstacle courses
  • Portable waterslides
  • And more!

While many of these options are highly engaging, they can rarely offer the same learning benefits as a preschool. If you want to make the most of the high demand for early education services, consider pursuing the unique preschool franchise opportunities with KLA Schools!

Reach out to the KLA Schools team today to find out more about how our franchise opportunity stands out from other businesses that serve families with young children!