Own a Purpose-Driven Business

Parents know how fulfilling it is to be there during their child’s early years. Every milestone is to be celebrated as the child begins to grow and develop his or her own personality. However, in many families, both parents must work to meet their financial obligations and many have to rely on child care to ensure their little one’s needs are met. 

Individuals who choose to pursue a career or a business ownership opportunity in this field find they get to celebrate the accomplishments of their students, whether it be a child rolling over by him or herself for the first time or learning how to write his or her name. Child care workers and business owners alike discover the rewards of helping to mold our future generation.

Child care franchising is one area where rapid growth is being seen.  More parents are enrolling their children in early education centers to ensure their kids are ready for school and all that the future holds. As a result, child care business opportunities and franchise systems are growing.

Why should you open a business of this type? What are the rewards of doing so? Furthermore, how should you go about choosing an early childhood education franchise to invest in? 

The Benefits of Running a Child Care Franchise

As children grow and reach important milestones, the joy they experience is something to revel in. Child care workers and child care business owners get to be part of these special moments regularly.

 The child care industry continues to grow and those in the field find they have more employment opportunities as a result. A good worker will often be sought after by multiple centers, as facility owners know that trained, qualified staff is the backbone of any operation. Franchise owners in this space benefit from the knowledge and experience of the entire franchise organization, with advice and guidance on identifying staffing needs and maximizing retention rates, to ensure their centers have the teams they need to provide quality services to children in their care. 

The steady income is one reason why people who love children choose to open a child care franchise. Parents will always need someone available to watch their children while they work. For many of today’s working families, it’s simply not feasible to have one parent stay at home. This is why many child care providers offering quality care will often find they have more prospects than they can accept. 

A Passion for Early Childhood Education

A person who works with young kids on a daily basis or who owns a business in the field should have a passion for doing so. 

Furthermore, when people are passionate about a subject, they want to learn more about it. This is of importance when it comes to dealing with children and their early education. Research is constantly being carried out that impacts the way children are taught, and a person who loves their job or their business in this field will always looking to ensure they are providing the kids with the best education possible. As part of an established franchise system, ongoing research and curriculum development literally comes with the territory!

KLA Schools

Candy and Robert Arocena opened the first KLA School in 2008 in Brickell, Florida. They based the school on the Reggio Emilia model and soon achieved amazing results, opening four schools in South Florida. As they identified the continued growth potential, they decided to start a franchise program in 2010 and have since opened more than 25 franchises across the country. 

Today, they remain heavily involved in the operations of the schools. Furthermore, they work with the franchise team to ensure the growth and development of the brand. The KLA Schools brand is expected to continue to thrive in the coming years — and in turn, the staff, franchise owners, and those who attend the schools will also continue to thrive.

Individuals interested in learning more about how to own their own child care franchise with this amazing franchise family will find the process is very thorough, designed to protect all parties involved. Contact KLA Schools today to learn how you can become part of a great team dedicated to helping children learn and grow.