Pursuing franchise opportunities in Tennessee can offer strong growth potential for entrepreneurs like you – but only if you choose the right brand and one that represents a promising industry. The state of Tennessee is home to a robust job market and growing population, with several metro areas, each offering distinct benefits.

Early childhood education is among the top industries experiencing a reliable level of demand from communities across Tennessee. Finding a childcare option that best suits their children's educational needs is a top priority among many families with young children across the state. This is encouraging news for those planning to start a childcare business in Tennessee. However, a standard daycare is unlikely to maximize the full return a childcare franchise in this market can deliver.

KLA Schools has built an outstanding preschool franchise opportunity thanks to our unique approach to designing our learning curriculum, classroom and school layouts, and franchising process. Each KLA Schools franchise owner is equipped with the resources to offer a one-of-a-kind educational experience for students that promotes experiential learning through the Reggio Emilia Approach. This type of engaged learning also satisfies what many parents and guardians look for in their child's early education – especially considering that our students are at such an important stage of their development.

Tennessee’s Top Metros Are Great Destinations for a Preschool Franchise

The KLA Schools team firmly believes that Tennessee has plenty of positive factors that will attract families to live there, creating a strong market for our preschool franchises. This belief is based on the significant market research we’ve conducted on the state and its top surrounding metro areas where most of the population calls home. The demand for childcare services like ours is often directly tied to overall population numbers and workforce participation. The following Tennessee metro areas have shown the most encouraging signs in these aspects – making them prime locations for a new KLA Schools franchise.


Nashville has seen its reputation around the country skyrocket in recent years, as it recently entered the top 20 list of most populated cities in the US. With new residents flocking to the metro area at a record pace over the last decade, it’s no surprise that many have chosen to settle down in Nashville and begin raising their families there.

While perhaps best known for its vibrant country music scene, Nashville has also spurred the majority of the state’s growth in recent years. With everything from corporate headquarters to gig economy jobs, professionals of all backgrounds have found this metro area a highly desirable place to live and raise a family. With so much of the metro area’s population searching for an early childhood education school that offers a dynamic learning environment, a KLA Schools franchise could be well-positioned to provide exactly what they are looking for.


The main factors that have made Memphis a preferred destination for families are its “big city atmosphere, with a small town feel” appeal and relatively low cost of living. The metro Memphis area offers residents plenty of exciting activities to enjoy while also providing families with young children the comforts and quiet of suburban living.

Cost of living is a major consideration for anyone moving to a new city. Memphis ranks favorably compared to many other metro areas, with more affordable groceries, utilities, and recreational activities compared to the national average. This ability for families to save on expenses and still have the advantage of living in a major Tennessee metropolitan area makes Memphis a strong market for a preschool franchise.


One of the reasons Knoxville is such a popular city to reside in is because it has the atmosphere of a major city with lower noise levels, traffic, and overall expenses associated traditionally with major cities. It is also located within driving distance of other major metro areas, including Nashville, Atlanta, and Charlotte.

Not far from the city, on the outskirts of Knoxville, you'll find incredible picturesque views of mountains, parks, rivers, and lakes – with hiking trails for residents to explore and enjoy the scenery. Those desiring to raise their children in an area where they can easily access the city and still take advantage of its best developments and natural surroundings will be eager to find a local preschool franchise that can deliver strong educational outcomes.

Our childcare franchise opportunities in Tennessee allow you to search the state’s most populated areas to find a community that offers you the best chance of success. Our team will help you find the best available real estate option, whether converting an existing building into a KLA preschool franchise or building a newly constructed school from the ground up. With our unique curriculum and franchising experience to support you, you can feel confident in your ability to show families with young children why your KLA Schools franchise is the ideal fit for their educational needs.

Want to learn more about why a KLA Schools franchise is such a good fit for communities in Tennessee? Reach out to our team today and we’ll set up a time to share further details!