Opening an early childhood education franchise can establish you as a community leader for families with young children. The right childcare program can significantly impact a child's social, cognitive, and perceptual development. Parents, grandparents, and other guardians who recognize this aspire to find a preschool that will encompass and nurture all aspects of their child’s development.

KLA Schools utilizes the innovative Reggio Emilia approach to create an early childhood education franchise that provides the ideal experience for students, families, and our franchise owners. The Reggio Emilia approach is not limited to the curriculum we implement in our classrooms – it also inspires our room designs and school layout.

We encourage our students to learn by exploring their surroundings using their senses and following their curiosity. Our adoption of the Reggio Emilia-guided philosophy has generated better learning outcomes than those resulting at most daycares. We’re excited and proud to bring our KLA Schools early childhood education franchise to new territories where families welcome our arrival and can witness positive results first-hand.

Our Well-Rounded Approach to Early Childhood Education

teacher and student reading

A child’s development is greatly impacted by their school’s environment – meaning, in addition to an active, hands-on curriculum, students benefit profoundly from a carefully curated overall learning experience. At KLA Schools, we collaborate closely with franchise owners and planning staff to ensure our shared vision for an optimal early childhood education program becomes a reality by incorporating other fundamentally important elements that further enhance learning.

Spacious and Stimulating Learning Spaces

We prioritize spacious classrooms that provide ample room for students to collaborate and explore. This design fosters curiosity and encourages active learning, which is highly appealing to families seeking quality childcare. Classrooms filled with natural light from large windows and enhanced with indoor plants create a vibrant, nurturing environment that stimulates young minds. Such an environment is conducive to better concentration, mood, and overall well-being, directly benefiting children's learning experiences and development.

Enhanced Teacher-Student Communication

In many traditional daycare settings, children are often passive recipients of instruction. However, through the Reggio Emilia approach, KLA Schools transforms this dynamic by allowing students to influence the direction of their lessons. This method encourages a dialogue between teachers and students, fostering active participation and deeper engagement in the learning process.

Interactive Learning Environments

Our classrooms are designed to integrate real-world surroundings into the learning experience. This hands-on approach helps children better understand and retain concepts by relating them to their immediate environment. Parents frequently observe positive interactions among students and staff, noting how genuinely children enjoy their time at KLA Schools.

Our Franchise Owners' Commitment to Superior Educational Outcomes

Our dedication to creating a stimulating and supportive learning environment is evident in our students' positive experiences and their families' ultimate satisfaction. KLA Schools' commitment to these principles gives each of our franchise owners the best chance possible of laying a foundation that will deliver superior educational outcomes compared to standard daycare facilities. By working together, we achieve a shared goal of facilitating exceptional learning and development in young children.

These key features collectively enhance the educational experience encountered at each KLA Schools location, setting our childcare franchises apart and helping children receive the best possible start in their educational journey.

If you are ready to bring a superior educational setting to young students in your community, contact the KLA Schools team today to learn more about our preschool franchise opportunity!