Childhood Development Franchise

Become a Valued Part of Your Community — Open an Early Childhood Development Franchise

How many of us can go to work each day and know we’re making a difference in our community? If you’re not one of them, wouldn’t you like to be? Well, when you own and operate an early childhood development franchise with KLA Schools, you can! As more and more families rely on outside help to take care of their young children during the day, parents aren’t content with leaving them in environments that aren’t enriching, aren’t fun, and aren’t 100% safe. After all, these youngsters are the grownups of the future, and many of them will continue to live in, and contribute to, the cities and towns they grew up in. At KLA Schools, we understand the importance of nurturing a child’s potential and aptitudes, to helping them grow into happy, well-rounded adults. You can do the same, too, when you become part of our franchise family.

Hands-On Discovery Learning

Since 2008, KLA Schools have been committed to providing children with the chance to flourish and grow in safe, happy, and educational environments. We’re proud to be a family of innovative early childhood centers for growing minds between the ages of three months and six years. We base our curriculum on the Reggio Emilia Approach to early childhood education, which emphasizes hands-on discovery learning. Children who attend Reggio Emilia-inspired schools are known to become independent lifelong learners, and study after study has shown* that children benefit greatly from early education. That means, when you open an early childhood development franchise with us, you can feel good about contributing to the well-being and intellectual curiosity of every growing child who passes through your doors.

We’ll Help You Succeed

Because we’re so committed to the success of our schools, and to the approach we take to teaching and enrichment, we make sure all our franchisees receive thorough training and support. Before you open, you and select members of your staff will spend time at our headquarters in Miami, where you’ll take part in in-depth classroom training lead by our expert franchise team. This training will cover topics like school setup, staffing, inventory and cost control, marketing and advertising, as well as many other facets of operating your school. We’ll help you find and design your school’s site, and after your grand opening, we’ll continue to be there for support, offering guidance and advice by phone and email on anything you may have questions or concerns about. We’ll make periodic visits to your school to advise you on any aspect of operations and management, and we’ll help you craft marketing strategies to help get the word out. We know how important it is to grow into your role as an educator, a business owner, and a valued member of your community, and we’re here to help you do all of it.

Are you ready to make a difference in your community? An early childhood development franchise with KLA Schools might be the way to do it. Contact us today.