If you're an entrepreneur who is seriously interested in venturing into the early childhood education space, you’ve likely noticed the many options available for buying a daycare franchise. However, this oversaturation in the daycare market is exactly why you should consider taking another route to open a childcare services business. Many daycare providers only offer the bare minimum of services that parents and guardians need for their young children and fail to stand out from one another. Buying or leasing a daycare franchise will likely only provide a fraction of the local customer demand and franchisor support that you could find from KLA Schools.

At KLA Schools, we utilize a business model that makes the most of your investment without sacrificing any of the aspects that make our educational environments so special. Our franchise owners are not the only ones who appreciate the difference that our schools make compared to standard daycares. Students, families, and local communities also directly benefit from our unique approach to creating the best possible early childhood education experience based on the Reggio Emilia philosophy.

Real Estate Options

This begins with the real estate development assistance that we provide to each new KLA franchise owner. Unlike what you may find when buying a daycare franchise, KLA Schools does not force you to stay within the same building it was previously operating in or build a completely new one according to strict regulations. As an alternative to pursuing new construction, you can work alongside our team to find an existing building that is available for lease and would be able to accommodate the student population based on the area’s demographics.

We also identify top territories with significant demand for a KLA Schools education franchise. Our team selects communities to open a KLA franchise based on the following factors:

  • Population density
  • Amount of single-family households
  • Average household income
  • Average age of residents or workforce
  • Presence of daycare and childcare businesses that are actively operating in the area

Each school we open has enough room to include spacious classrooms, wide hallways, large windows that filter in natural light, parking space to accommodate student drop-off and pick-up, and a playground with plenty of equipment. The ideal KLA Schools preschool has about 12 classrooms and an operating capacity for 180 students to learn to their full potential.

Delivering Better Outcomes for Students

Preschool-aged children are in one of the most important periods of their learning development, making the choice of childcare provider a decision that is not taken lightly. At KLA Schools, we believe traditional daycare settings can limit a child's natural curiosity and their learning development. That's why KLA Schools embraces the Reggio Emilia method, fostering active participation.

With a Reggio Emilia-inspired curriculum, teachers and students engage in a dynamic dialogue, rather than passive instruction. Children have input on lesson direction, sparking deeper engagement.

This approach extends beyond the classroom. KLA Schools integrate real-world experiences to solidify learning. Parents have observed the positive interactions and genuine enjoyment our students experience.

Our commitment to the Reggio Emilia method sets us apart from standard daycare. KLA Schools works with franchise owners to deliver superior educational outcomes, fostering a love of learning in every child.

The entire KLA Schools team takes pride in helping establish better learning environments compared to what is found at the typical daycare business. By opening a preschool franchise with us, you can bring a one-of-a-kind early childhood education experience to communities with young students. Best of all, you can leverage our proven franchise model to help your preschools stand out among the other childcare options in the area.

Contact the KLA Schools team today to learn more about our opportunity and how we help set up new preschools to become the top early childhood education franchises in their areas!