Kids Franchise Opportunities: Teachers Talk About KLA Schools

At KLA Schools, we see each child as a competent, powerful, curious, and creative individual. In lockstep with our KLA Schools kids franchise owners, we are passionate about educating young children, helping them explore and attempt to make sense of their world.

Our schools give them room to test their ideas, solve problems, and find joy in their activities. And who better to talk about this exceptional kids franchise than the employees and teachers who have worked in a KLA school?

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From a Lead Teacher: “Every day was an opportunity to learn. They teach how to observe children and learn the unique development each child was learning. By these observations you would obtain the tools to prepare the teaching strategies according to the child’s interest. Everyone was very open to expand your abilities and knowledge. The director had a lot to offer as well.”

A Great Working Environment for Staff AND the Children They Teach

Our KLA kids franchise owners are encouraged to build a rewarding working environment for their staff, as well as a great learning environment for children.

“KLA Schools is a wonderful environment for staff and children. After having been in early childhood education for 17 years, I can say without a doubt KLA is the top when it comes to companies to work for. Leadership at corporate cares (for staff and children).” – Aftercare Teacher

“From the director, the owner and all the staff… They (are) all awesome and great to work with.” – Teachers’ Assistant

“A very happy and welcoming environment for children and their family. I’ve been a teacher at KLA Schools for over six years and to this day I look forward to spending my day there doing what I love most. There’s so much room to grow and learn, thanks to the many opportunities offered for professional development.” – Teacher

“Working at KLA has been fascinating and quite the learning experience for me. In the six years I’ve worked here, I have gained many skills that improve my work as a teacher. Year after year the staff continuously strives to present us with a variety of productive tools that support our experience in the classroom. I can say with assurance that my performance as a teacher and my interaction with the children is much richer. Thanks to our frequent professional development meetings and interactive feedback from everyone involved, we, as teachers are able to offer quality and complexity to the children.” – Lead Teacher

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The Reggio Emilia Teaching Method Used at KLA Kids Franchise Schools is Authentic

According to Scholastic, the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education views young children as individuals who are curious about their world and have the powerful potential to learn from all that surrounds them. Educational, psychological, and sociological influences are important factors to consider in understanding children and working to stimulate learning in appropriate ways. Reggio teachers employ strategies such as exposing children to a wide variety of educational opportunities that encourage self-expression, communication, logical thinking, and problem-solving.

When you open your KLA Schools kids franchise, we’ll teach you and your staff the principles of the Reggio Emilia teaching approach:

“A great company philosophy, a true early education program. KLA is a true Reggio School, and very few preschools out there can say that about their schools. The corporate team was just fantastic and I learned so much from them! As a company I was so impressed with the (KLA) company model and the training they do for their schools. In the 8 months I worked for the company, I attended many trainings and was shown what the company truly believes for children. This is a company made up of true educators with a heart for the field of early education!” – School Director / Site Manager

“Great work environment. Passionate co-workers. There is a strong emphasis on professional development that helps staff members at all levels grow in the field. The support system at KLA Schools Corporate Headquarters is proactive and very connected to the individual schools. Additionally, there is a strong camaraderie among all the KLA Schools in the area. It is refreshing to work with the Reggio Emilia Approach because it is an emergent curriculum that truly takes children’s interests into consideration. I have found it to be the most authentic and respectful way of working with children. – Director

Experience the Satisfaction of Knowing You are Creating Fulfilling and Rewarding Careers for Your Teachers

Our KLA kids franchise owners don’t just build jobs for their communities, they build empowering, fulfilling careers. You’ll appreciate and encourage your educators’ professional development as a resource in understanding more and more about children’s thinking and learning processes. And as a KLA kids franchise owner, you’ll provide an environment that fosters opportunities for your teachers to grow personally and professionally:

“KLA provides a comfortable, happy, safe and welcoming environment. It’s my ninth year teaching at KLA and I can honestly say the experience for me gets even better every year. I have grown incredibly as a person and professional throughout my years in KLA and it’s because of the way in which we work. We are constantly thinking together as a staff and it’s all for the children. Our main focus is always thinking of creative real-life ways to support their development, achievement, and growth. This job has brought me fulfillment as a teacher and as a person. My daughter has attended KLA for three years now and she has had a beautiful experience. On the weekends when I tell her, ‘You’re going to school tomorrow,’ she lights up with joy and excitement to see her teachers and friends.” – Teacher

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So Many Reasons to Open a KLA Schools Kids Franchise!

By now you can see why KLA Schools offers one of the best kids franchise opportunities around. If you’re passionate about children, their care and early education, and if these sincere comments from staff resonate with you, it’s time to explore the opportunity of becoming a KLA Schools kids franchise owner in your community.