Every business owner must be mindful of their investment costs when deciding to start a new business venture. Those who fail to do so risk being overwhelmed in their efforts to keep the business running. This is particularly true when it comes to daycare franchise costs, which not only involves the cost to launch their business but also the time, effort, and expenditure to market themselves to families in the area.

Daycare businesses face this challenge because many lack specific elements or characteristics that help them stand out from other nearby childcare options. Those who open a standard daycare business without a unique differentiator will likely find that their new venture doesn’t offer the value their investment warrants.

Savvy entrepreneurs should instead look to invest in a preschool franchise with a unique approach to early childhood education. KLA Schools has delivered better educational outcomes because of the way that we set up each franchise location. We use the innovative Reggio Emilia method to build our preschool curriculum, which focuses on making students more active participants in the classroom. We also help franchise owners design their classrooms so students and teachers can be their most productive. These factors go hand-in-hand because the Reggio Emilia method encourages children to learn by using their senses and exploring their surroundings.

Building the Ideal Preschool Franchise

KLA Schools has spent many years helping entrepreneurs open an early childhood education franchise that can appeal to parents and young children on a number of levels. We’ve used this method to structure our start-up costs in the most efficient way possible.

The franchise owner’s initial investment should cover all the necessary aspects to open the school. They’ll also want to ensure the school’s critical functions are operating at the optimal standard to meet the expectations of parents and students, as well as their own. At the same time, the franchise investment cost should not force entrepreneurs to overcommit and put the school’s financial performance in a difficult situation from the beginning.

This is one important area where investing in a KLA Schools franchise offers more value compared to a standard daycare franchise cost. It’s important to note that there is likely to be some difference in what each KLA Schools franchise owner will need to spend on each element, based on things like:

  • Cost of real estate in the territory where their school will be located
  • The availability of necessary resources to open a preschool
  • Number of teachers that must be hired and trained based on reasonably expected enrollment
  • And other relevant factors

Below, we’ve outlined each area our costs cover and the difference each can make for a franchise owner’s chances of success by investing with us.

Man and women meeting to discuss daycare franchise costs

Real Estate, Construction, and School Layout

KLA Schools has specific requirements for each location that we open. The school buildings must be large enough to fit spacious classrooms, have ample room outdoors for a playground, and be situated in an area that is easily accessible to parents dropping off and picking up their children. Some states and local communities also have regulations for school buildings and their parking lots.

Fortunately, the KLA team has plenty of experience in these matters and can help investors find the right space that fits their budget. KLA has helped numerous franchise owners acquire real estate, whether they choose to purchase or lease the land, construct a new building, or repurpose an existing one. Our team has formed relationships with franchise-friendly financial institutions and real estate investment trusts (REITs) that can assist with franchise financing.

Franchise Training and Support

At KLA Schools, our franchise owners come from many different backgrounds – even outside of the education field. We make training efforts available to them so they can overcome any new roadblocks they encounter while preparing to lead a childcare program.

Their investment in our franchise helps us acquire the training materials that will familiarize them with the Reggio Emilia method, KLA Schools’ brand, and other preschool operations they can leverage to become the top option for young students in their area.

Local Marketing

KLA also helps spread the word about each new school we open with our franchise owners: we set aside a portion of the initial investment to place physical ads to cover the surrounding communities of each school location.

The KLA team also utilizes digital efforts to reach parents searching the internet for the childhood education center that best fits their child’s needs. These marketing plans allow our new schools to connect with young families who want to find a childcare option that does more than a basic daycare.

What It Takes to Open a KLA Childcare Franchise

Opening a childcare facility often comes with significant costs that are not always apparent, no matter how an entrepreneur attempts to structure it. KLA Schools understands the importance of clearly stating certain financial qualifications that our franchise owners must meet so they know what to expect. Our requirements for an investor to franchise with KLA include:

  • Possessing $500,000 in liquid capital per school opening
  • Having the capability to invest $1,121,000 to $5,804,750 per location

KLA Schools can provide an educational experience unlike any other – which is why our franchise owners have been able to build thriving school communities with us. They can use our franchise expenses to grow their business with positive momentum while avoiding the pitfalls that traditional daycares often struggle with.

Have questions about the KLA Schools franchise ownership investment cost structure? Reach out to us today, and we’ll discuss how much you can expect to spend with our preschool franchise opportunity!