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Thinking of Investing in a Day Care Franchise? Now Might Be the Time!

As we approach the end of the decade, more and more families are engaging outside resources to educate and take care of their children while parents work. That’s in part because unemployment is low and disposable income has risen. As a result, the day care industry has seen real growth, with revenue growing by 4% over the last five years, reaching $57.0 billion in 2019 alone. This trend shows no signs of slowing down, which means now might be an excellent time to invest in a day care franchise with KLA Schools.

Why KLA?

As more households become dual-income, the number of families looking for outside help to take care of its youngest members is rising. But these parents don’t just want a neighborhood babysitter. They want quality child care in a structured, stimulating, and caring environment that can be trusted to embrace their child’s individuality and unique needs. These kinds of high-quality centers, like a KLA Schools day care franchise, are at a premium, and families know that. When you invest in a franchise opportunity with us, you’ll be providing your community with a valuable resource, and not just in terms of care. You’ll also be offering children ages 3 months to six years the chance to grow intellectually, through our early childhood education curriculum that stresses discovery and individuality. This kind of early exposure to a rich and stimulating day care environment has lasting effects. Decades of research has shown that young children who receive high-quality child care in a preschool setting are known to score higher on later academic and cognitive tests. In short, these children are better prepared for adulthood.

Some Numbers

Today, 25% of young children are in some sort of day care or preschool facility. This number is second only to those children being taken care of by a relative (27%), but higher than those youngsters being minded by a parent (22%). What these numbers tell us is that outside child care is a real necessity, and that it occupies an important place in the lives of parents and their children. It’s also something that families are willing to pay for; in the last 25 years, out-of-pocket payments for childcare has nearly doubled. All of this means investing in a high-quality day care franchise opportunity, like the one you get with KLA Schools, might be something to seriously consider.

Our Brand

Our founders, Candy Arocena and her husband, Roberto, are not just dedicated to the growth and enrichment of young minds; they are also committed to the growth of the KLA brand. Today, we are proud to be franchisors to more than 25 franchise locations nationwide and work tirelessly to stay at the forefront of our industry. We believe providing families with safe, stimulating, and educational environments for their children is not just a necessity, it’s also a privilege — one that our franchisors learn very quickly to appreciate and take pride in.


If you’re ready to be part of a robust industry and would like to learn more about a day care franchise opportunity with KLA Schools, get in touch with us today!