If you are looking to start the best preschool franchise that you possibly can, site selection and building construction are key areas to focus on. Both, for several reasons, are important to your preschool’s chances of success and potential for growth.

First, the layout and design of your building play instrumental roles in determining the quality of education you can offer your students. Second, the area you choose to build your childcare center is often a significant factor in whether or not parents and guardians choose to send their children there. If they have concerns about things like safety or accessibility, they may choose to attend another school instead. Lastly, the market you choose to enter with a new preschool can also determine your chances of success. You’ll likely want to find one with a growing reputation for families with young children that offers few barriers to entry.

Oftentimes, this proves to be too much for just one person to handle on their own as they try to establish a top preschool. Those who try to do it all themselves often find that their new childcare business cannot outshine the standard daycares that can be found just about anywhere. This is why franchising with a well-known education brand that provides valuable benefits like KLA Schools is essential. Our team has been building early childhood schools for many years, allowing us to learn the “ins and outs” of the business. As a KLA Schools franchise owner utilizing our franchise model and top-tier support, you can make establishing the best preschool franchise in your area attainable. 

Real Estate Acquisition Flexibility

At KLA Schools, we understand that the real estate process can be a rather demanding and drawn-out one. We aim to simplify it by giving franchise owners like you options to choose from. This way, you can build a preschool that fits your financial and management capabilities without sacrificing our shared vision for your school.

Once you have signed on to become a KLA Schools franchise owner, we will collaborate to determine the right market and specific sites within the area to set up your school. Our team conducts thorough market research to find the right territories that offer the most demand for the top childcare services we provide. When it comes to the specific location, our team regularly identifies high-population-density areas near each major market we are looking to enter. These areas, also home to a good percentage of families with preschool-aged children, will serve as prime site options to open your new KLA Schools franchise.

KLA Schools franchise owners commonly buy or lease the land they want to open their childcare center on. Other franchisors may force you into a one-option scenario, limiting your otherwise available options in the market. Being forced to follow one process may also not align with the goals you have set for your new early childhood education franchise.

Then, of course, is the pre-existing school building on your newly acquired land. KLA Schools offers you the choice of not only constructing a brand new building but also purchasing or leasing an existing building on the property. Whatever option you choose, we will work alongside you to ensure the facility fits the dimensions necessary for a KLA Schools franchise.

Our School Site Regulations

Over the years, the KLA team has developed a set of guidelines as it relates to the layout and design of each preschool franchise we open. These are meant to guarantee that each school is properly set up to offer the full experience we’re committed to building together. Our land specifications include:

  • At least one acre or more in size
  • 3,500 sq. ft or more in playground space
  • Drop-off/pick-up area for families
  • Parking space that meets individual county requirements

When designing the layout of your KLA franchise, our team of architects will consult you every step of the way. We often aim to include large windows that filter through high amounts of natural light for the ideal school experience for young children. Classrooms frequently include plenty of open space to encourage collaboration between students as they work. Together, we can build a preschool that quickly emerges as a welcome addition to the community and one that parents will appreciate and students will be eager to attend each day.

Interested in learning more about our childcare center site selection, real estate purchasing, and building development process? Contact us on our website and we’ll provide you with all the details of how the KLA Schools team can help you establish a great preschool franchise in your desired area!