Starting a franchise business in the education sector presents a great opportunity since families highly value educational services that can provide effective outcomes for their children. Early childhood education services are among the most important, considering how vital they are to nearly every child’s learning and social development.

This explains why almost every community has at least one daycare in operation that can likely expect high demand. However, daycares often lack the approach to early childhood education that can truly make them stand out among parents and guardians determining where they should enroll their children.

KLA Schools has built a preschool franchise opportunity that allows our franchise owners to deliver better educational outcomes. We structure our schools to align with the Reggio Emilia curriculum implemented at each of our locations. This includes how we design our classrooms and other school spaces.

This blog examines the aspects of establishing a private preschool that entrepreneurs should evaluate when choosing a brand to franchise with. Also noted are how the KLA team separates our franchise locations from the typical daycare experience found almost anywhere.

Two families with daughters taught by reggio emilia approach

What Students and Guardians Look For

Families will consider many factors when deciding on a preschool to enroll their children at. KLA Schools works to establish ourselves as a leader in many of these categories. KLA Schools franchise owners can leverage our advantages, especially as more parents and guardians living in and around the communities we operate in recognize them.

Strong Curriculum

A high-quality early childhood education franchise will have a well-researched and developmentally appropriate curriculum designed to meet the needs of young learners. The curriculum should focus on child-centered learning, which means it is based on the interests and needs of individual children. It should also be play-based, providing children with opportunities to learn through exploration and discovery. With the innovative Reggio Emilia Approach in place at every KLA Schools franchise, we accomplish exactly that and more.

The curriculum traditionally adopted by standard childcare businesses can leave much to be desired when it comes to student engagement. Because the Reggio Emilia Approach is student-centered rather than lecture-driven, with teachers solely leading the lesson, students are encouraged to interact with their surroundings as they develop their senses and learn more about the world around them.

Experienced and Qualified Teachers

Early childhood education is a specialized field, and it’s important for families to know their children will be in the care of experienced and qualified teachers. A top franchise will have a rigorous hiring process that ensures that only those who equate with this category are chosen. Teachers with a deep understanding of early childhood development and an ability to provide a nurturing and supportive learning environment for their students will make a significant difference.

Each KLA Schools franchise receives the resources to familiarize their teaching staff with our curriculum and overall approach to building the ideal preschool experience. This training prepares each teacher to implement lessons properly so students have the opportunity to flourish. In turn, our KLA franchise owners will be more likely to improve their enrollment numbers and earn a reputation for delivering better educational outcomes.

Safe and Secure Environment

Children learn best when they feel safe and secure. Parents and guardians will want their children’s school to have a clean and well-maintained facility that is free of hazards. The facility should also have a secure outdoor play area where children can explore and be active.

The KLA Schools team works alongside each new franchise owner to find the right environment that matches what parents and students will look for. We provide real estate development and site selection assistance to build the best preschool environment possible. We also offer franchise owners the flexibility to build out their school to their choosing – whether they prefer to buy land, construct a new building, or lease an existing one that aligns with the required capabilities. The KLA team ensures that each area we open a school has the required space for sizable classrooms, an outdoor playground, and an adequate parking area for safe pick-up and drop-off.

Trusted Name

Families want to find an early childhood education franchise that has earned a strong reputation from those who attended before them. Once they do, they will be more confident that their children will receive a high-quality education from that childcare business. Parents often look for reviews and testimonials from other families who have had a positive experience with the franchise.

KLA Schools has achieved this in many of the communities we operate in – as evidenced by the steady growth we’ve maintained. We began as a small preschool in the surrounding neighborhoods of Miami and have since expanded to many locations throughout South Florida and into other states as well! We’ve also had parents of former students who enjoyed our educational approach so much that they chose to become franchise owners themselves.

Those who wish to find a leading franchise business in the education sector can look right to KLA Schools. Our established preschool model allows our franchise owners to become a top option for the local families in their area.

Reach out today to learn more about how KLA Schools creates the best preschool franchise experience possible!