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How Much Does a Daycare Franchise Cost?

Now is a great time to join the private early childhood education industry, especially if you’d like to work with young children. Daycare franchise cost can vary, but the KLA Schools franchise cost doesn’t just take childcare into consideration: KLA franchises provide kids with top-notch educational activities, helping to provide them with a strong foundation to build on when they enter their grade school classrooms. Parents look to our facilities for childcare, but also as an investment in their child’s future.


Affordable childcare franchise for budget-conscious parents

When it comes to a child’s growth and development, it pays to invest in a quality daycare or school experience. KLA Schools franchise offers a home-away-from-home. If your goal is to provide the best care possible for all families KLA Schools is here!⁣

  • Growing minds. Growing success.
  • Imagine a great day, every day
  • Care like a pro
  • Join the private early childhood education industry
  • Join the industry and reap the benefits

Continue reading and take a closer look at the daycare franchise cost or download this document with the KLA schools daycare franchise cost details.

Daycare franchise initial Franchise Fee 2022

The initial franchise fee is an important part of any franchise investment.

At KLA Schools, your one-time initial franchise fee of $70,000 grants you access to training and comprehensive support before and after you open your doors.

When you franchise as opposed to starting a business from scratch, you’re buying into a well-established business model. You won’t need to invest time or money figuring out the best and most efficient ways to run your business.

This fee helps offset some of the costs we incur as we teach you the ins and outs of running your new franchise, as well as acting like a license to use our established brand and proven business model.


Download KLA Schools Franchise Investment Guide

Site Selection Fee

Another important part of the daycare franchise cost is our site selection fee.

As when starting any new business, it’s crucial to find just the right location for your KLA Schools franchise.

You’ll need to find a space that is conveniently located for the potential customers in your area while also meeting local regulations for a daycare facility.


Your location also needs to have great leasing terms so that you’ll be able to run your business there for years to come. If you can find a location that’s affordable, the savings you’ll enjoy in monthly rent have the potential to pay for the site selection fee!

To help you find a location that meets all of these requirements, we enlist the help of real estate experts and demographic research. Our experts will work tirelessly for you, helping you find just the right space from which to grow your new business.

If you lease premises the cost is between $700K-$1.5 million and if you buy the Real Estate the cost is between $3.5-$4.5 million.

Total Estimated Daycare Franchise Cost

For KLA Schools, the total costs of opening a daycare franchise in 2021 will vary based on considerations like size and location, but we estimate that our franchisees will spend $587,500-$1,364,250 (including the fees mentioned above).

This estimate takes just about everything into account, including the support you’ll receive every step of the way. For instance, a grand opening advertising budget is included.

Download KLA Schools Franchise Investment Guide
This part of the investment will help you spread the word about your new business. There is also money set aside for furniture, fixtures, and equipment, ensuring that your new KLA Schools franchise has everything needed to provide excellent service to its clients. Furthermore, you might incur some travel expenses when you attend our franchise training. This is accounted for in the estimated investment as well.

These are just a few highlights of the KLA Schools daycare franchise cost. For a complete breakdown of the costs, contact us today and request a copy of our franchise disclosure document!