The demand for the services an early childhood education franchise provides has helped fuel the industry’s growth. With families continually seeking local preschools or other childcare options, the demand remains constant. However, not all will be satisfied with the type of schooling or childcare their area offers. 

Parents recognize that the formative years of a student’s education are some of the most important for their development. In fact, studies have shown it’s one of the primary reasons for this growing parent awareness of the industry’s importance to their child’s development. Both in and out of the classroom parents realize that finding the right school is critical to helping their child achieve future academic success.

If you are passionate about delivering better educational outcomes or want to leverage this demand for childcare services with your own business, we have great news! KLA Schools has developed a franchise opportunity with great growth potential that can allow you to accomplish your professional goals while becoming a leader in your community.

What makes the KLA Schools preschool franchise opportunity so special is our ability to stand out from the standard daycares operating in most areas. We implement a one-of-a-kind curriculum called the Reggio Emilia method, a holistic approach that is integral to our philosophy of offering our students meaningful exploratory experiences. Our KLA team also works alongside franchise owners to design the layouts of their classrooms to maximize the learning potential of each lesson and student.

Building the Right Early Learning Childcare Business

The early childhood education market has been building positive momentum for some time now, with the expectation that it will continue well into the future. The KLA Schools team is positioned to capitalize on this because we have demonstrated what it takes to build a top preschool in areas with a high population of young families. The success of our early childhood education franchise is achieved through the strength of our unique Reggio Emilia approach, classroom and school design, and market research in territories where demand for our services is high.

Engaging Reggio Emilia Curriculum

The Reggio Emilia method focuses on creating lessons where students take a more active role in their learning process. Instead of the traditional lecture style where children follow teacher-directed instruction, the Reggio Emilia approach encourages students to learn through independent exploration with their teacher's guidance. Through this learn-by-doing method, your students will be allowed to use and further develop their senses to interact with their surroundings and progress through each lesson. Thanks to the Reggio Emilia curriculum, many of our KLA Schools franchise owners report better educational outcomes and higher levels of satisfaction from students, parents, and guardians.

Classroom Design to Match Your Preschool Learning Objectives

Your school building and classrooms should align with the lessons you plan to implement for your students. The KLA Schools team will work alongside you to help you in each step of our franchise opening process, which includes support in:

  • Real estate development
  • Site selection
  • Classroom design

As a KLA franchise owner, you will have the opportunity to determine if you want to purchase land to construct a new school building or buy an existing building that meets our size and capability requirements. We also offer you the flexibility to operate your preschool franchise from a space available for lease in your area, provided you find one that’s suitable.

KLA Schools utilizes classrooms featuring open spaces where students can explore and interact with their environment, as encouraged by our curriculum. We also install large windows that filter in plenty of natural light to create the ideal learning environment.

Market Identification and Selection

Opening in the right territory is a key part of success for any business venture. The KLA team conducts thorough market research to find the markets in critical need of an early childhood education school. We consider a variety of factors during this process, including:

  • Amount of single-family homes in the territory
  • Average area household income
  • Number of childcare businesses operating nearby

This research has helped us identify several top metro areas and surrounding suburbs that would eagerly welcome a new KLA Schools preschool. We can’t wait to continue our expansion efforts with the right franchise owners. If you’re motivated to maximize the potential of our franchise opportunity, we encourage you to consider joining the KLA Schools brand family with a franchise of your own!

Ready to realize the proven track record of a top-tier childcare franchise? Contact KLA Schools today, and we can discuss how we fit together and begin the franchising process!