Most family-oriented communities have a high level of demand for excellent childcare services. This has led many entrepreneurs to pursue education franchise opportunities in an effort to capitalize on this demand. However, some of these franchises, particularly the ones run by just one or two owners, can only provide standard daycare experiences due to their lack of resources. Yet, families with young children often prefer to send their kids to childcare centers that can deliver better educational outcomes than standard daycares can offer.

The KLA Schools team is among those who have recognized the lack of unique childcare options in the early childhood education industry. As a result, we designed our education franchise opportunities to encourage students to be more engaged participants in their learning. KLA Schools preschool franchise owners work hard to develop the best learning environments possible so that students can get the most out of each school day.

KLA Schools started in 2008 with a few preschools in the area surrounding Miami, but we have achieved steady growth over the years. We’ve built nearly 30 locations throughout the state of Florida and other states, such as:

  • Connecticut
  • California
  • Florida
  • Alabama
  • Georgia
  • Kentucky
  • Illinois
  • Oregon
  • Texas
  • Washington

Now, we’re looking to continue franchising with eager entrepreneurs who are ready to capitalize on the demand for childcare services in their communities. We firmly believe our approach to learning using the innovative Reggio Emilia curriculum can make KLA Schools franchises the top choice for parents over other early childhood education options.

Meeting Family and Student Education Needs

Safety Is a Priority

Many families prioritize safety when choosing a preschool for their child to attend. KLA Schools understands this and goes the extra mile to find locations that meet this criteria where our franchise owners can open their schools.

We ensure each of our schools prioritizes safety by creating a secure environment with minimal distractions. This assures parents and guardians that their children are in good hands and can focus on their education during the school day.

Spacious Outdoor Areas

When selecting a site to open a KLA Schools franchise, easy access for pick-up and drop-off is a central focus. We also select locations that offer ample space for our large playground areas and parking lots for parents and guardians.

These efforts make our schools even more convenient and desirable for families who spend most weekdays transporting their children to and from school, allowing them to avoid the headache of an unmanageable carpool line.

Strategically Chosen Preschool Locations

KLA Schools strategically selects locations based on population density and existing childcare options. We work with our franchise owners throughout the market research process to choose communities where our educational programs can thrive. 

This commitment to finding the perfect location ensures that KLA Schools franchises are conveniently located to serve as many families as possible, making quality early childhood education readily available.

Engaging Learning Environments for Kids

The Reggio Emilia method is present in every aspect of our curriculum. The average preschool requires student learning to be totally dependent on teachers’ lectures and instructions. KLA Schools classroom lessons are structured to engage children and make them active leaders in their learning processes. This involves promoting exploration of and experimentation with their surroundings through the use and development of their senses - with our teachers there to assist when needed.

Parents and guardians whose children attend KLA Schools are typically thrilled with the education they receive. They know how important early childhood education is for the intellectual and emotional development of their kids. The Reggio Emilia-inspired curriculum has made a proven difference for students from our early days of operation. 

In fact, it’s created such a positive impact on our students that it has motivated some KLA parents to become franchise owners with us. Not only do parents who become franchise owners rave about how their children have benefitted from the preschool franchise, but they also enjoy myriad benefits as part of our brand family.

Want to become a leader in the early childhood education space? Reach out to us today, and we’ll discuss whether a KLA Schools franchise opportunity is right for you!