The classroom in which your child learns can impact them just as much as the curriculum they are learning. Those who run standard childcare franchises typically don’t spend much time perfecting the layout and design of their rooms.

As such, the rooms found in most typical early learning facilities are mainly used as places to keep students in a central area so teachers can keep an eye on them. Yet, designing a classroom that aligns with your school’s approach and educational goals can have significant benefits for our children.

If you own a childcare franchise, you may be missing the chance to stand out to prospective families if you’re following the same room model as most others in the field. Parents are constantly searching for childcare options that can further their children’s educational development. With so many options in the market, it’s important that your preschool can differentiate itself from the standard daycare offering.

KLA Schools is one of the few early childhood education schools that embraces the opportunity to create unique and intentional classroom spaces. We work side-by-side with each KLA preschool franchise owner to help them design a preschool building that best fits their community. Our collaborative approach ensures that franchise owners can incorporate their visions for their dream preschools into the school that we develop together.

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What Does a KLA Franchise Facility Look Like?

The KLA team employs a number of architects and designers to help bring your vision for a preschool to life in the form of a franchise location. We keep the owner’s vision in mind from the very start by identifying and obtaining the ideal real estate for your location and ensuring we understand your aspirations for your school.

KLA franchises typically need at least:

  • One acre of total land
  • 3,500 square feet of playground space
  • Enough parking lot space to accommodate drop-off and pick-up (according to individual county requirements)

KLA also provides our franchise owners with flexibility in acquiring the real estate for their childcare facilities. They can buy or lease the land to build on, or simply buy or lease an existing building that fits our required dimensions.

Our Classrooms Shape Students’ Education

The KLA team’s attention to detail remains just as strong throughout the process of developing our classrooms. The Reggio Emilia Approach utilized at each KLA preschool helps shape the way we design the layout of each room. KLA Schools encourage children to collaborate and interact with their environment, rather than simply listening to instructors’ lectures.

To make this possible, we build classrooms that are open and spacious so children and teachers can easily interact and be engaged in the different experiences offered in the classroom. These large rooms are bright and airy, helping children feel more at ease during the school day. Even our hallways are wide with large windows to filter in natural sunlight.

We place plants throughout the school and use natural colors and soft materials to inspire feelings of comfort for students. KLA Schools attendees often experience better educational outcomes than those who attend other schools thanks to the approach we take in designing our classrooms to match our overall educational style.

How We Differ From the Standard Early Learning Classroom

Most schools are designed to fit as many children as realistically possible, without many other considerations. KLA Schools know the importance of a classroom setting to a children’s educational experience.

Our franchise owners can do the following to build strong enrollment at their KLA locations:

Colorful and Inviting Aesthetics

KLA classrooms are designed with vibrant colors and innovative materials for the children. Bright hues and playful patterns create an inviting atmosphere that appeals to a child's sense of curiosity and wonder. Our franchise owners can strategically choose decor to promote a positive and engaging learning environment.

Flexible Seating Arrangements

Unlike traditional classrooms with rows of desks or small shared areas, the KLA team encourages our franchise owners to utilize more flexible arrangements, as guided by the Reggio Emilia approach. This allows children to feel more comfortable while learning and collaborating.

Learning Centers

We design our classrooms to serve as learning areas in more than just the traditional sense.  Each school features a Wide Hallway (Piazza) as a collaborative space, Ateliers for art and graphic representations, and outdoor spaces. These areas are designed to encourage exploration and help children develop a variety of skills.

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Low Shelving and Open Storage

Child-sized shelves are a common feature in preschool classrooms. These low shelves provide easy access to materials and encourage independence and endless learning opportunities. Open storage bins and labeled containers help students learn to organize and clean up after themselves.


Documentation of the children’s work will be displayed on the walls to show the evolution of their learning processes. They serve as a visual record of the children's learning journey and create a sense of ownership and pride in their accomplishments.

Natural Light and Ventilation

Whenever possible, KLA classrooms incorporate natural light and ventilation. Large windows and outdoor views connect children with the outside world and create a more pleasant and healthful atmosphere.

Learning tools

Specific required documentation such as letters, numbers, calendars, and other learning resources will be available for the children as a learning tool.

Accessible Materials

Materials and supplies are organized and easily accessible to children. This encourages them to explore, experiment, and engage in hands-on learning.

KLA’s classrooms are just one part of our highly unique setup that differentiates our franchises from other childcare options. KLA franchise owners can leverage our unique approach to create an early childhood education experience that delivers exactly what families are looking for.

Contact us to learn more about our investment opportunity and how the classroom setup used at KLA Schools can improve your ability to stand out from standard daycares in your area.