Let's Face it.  When you open a brand new early education franchise, you are going to have a lot of competition. Families with young children are often more difficult to win over than other consumers. This is because choosing where a student receives their education is almost always taken more seriously than other decisions – and rightfully so.

Schools need to be prepared to match the level of commitment to delivering a superb education that so many of today’s parents expect. Operating as a standard daycare will often result in parents viewing you as nothing more than another babysitter and feeling unsatisfied with their child’s educational experience. Partnering with an established brand can help you overcome the difficulties associated with starting a new preschool from the ground up that is capable of going above and beyond these standards. However, you must still choose an experienced franchisor who can guide you throughout the process and help establish the school you’ve dreamed of opening. If you are eager to start a preschool that fits this description, KLA Schools could be the perfect fit for you!

KLA Schools started as a project led by our founders Candy and Robert Ortega, who wanted to create an early childhood education opportunity that differed from the stale and uninspiring classroom environments found in other childcare centers. They began with one preschool in southern Florida and developed an education plan and business prototype that turned it into an early education franchise that has become successful in many other territories. Today, KLA Schools is renowned by parents for our innovative Reggio Emilia-inspired curriculum and unique school designs – so much so that several parents of KLA students have gone on to become franchise owners themselves!

Our Distinct Classroom Look and Layout

A key differentiator for KLA schools franchises is the look and layout of our student learning areas. Our team of designers works hand in hand with each KLA franchise owner to build modern shared spaces, from the initial floor plan to the use of decorative touches like indoor plants and soft colors. These classrooms are designed to foster a collaborative and welcoming environment that puts the children at ease and allows them to better focus on their learning activities. KLA locations are also often built with large windows to provide natural light into each space, which makes the learning environment more comfortable and positive. This innovative approach is rarely found at the typical daycare, giving us a leg up in becoming the top choice for parents deciding on a childcare facility for their children.

We understand that replicating this design is not something that can be easily done in every market. That is why we thoroughly support you from the very beginning of the site selection process with a team of real estate experts who can help identify and secure land that will serve as the ideal location for a private preschool. They will also assist with the construction of a new school building or the conversion of a building that already exists. If you are unfamiliar with the process, they can streamline your efforts of establishing a childcare facility that meets our and local families’ standards.

Franchise Support to Elevate Your School

Real estate, building conversion, and design are not the only areas where the KLA team can help you strengthen your school’s operations. We offer the following support efforts to our franchise owners from the moment they sign on to open a KLA school until after they have welcomed their first students.

  • Extensive training – New franchisees learn about KLA’s brand, how we bring it to life in our schools, and other educational best practices. This includes information on the Reggio Emilia Approach for franchise owners who are excited to implement it, but are unfamiliar with the method.
  • Marketing strategies – We help you construct and execute marketing campaigns to capture the attention of families with young students, allowing you to focus on developing your school’s curriculum, day-to-day management, and fostering  relationships within the nearby community.
  • Streamlined services – Our team presents a detailed explanation of the various systems that you can access and utilize as a KLA franchise owner. Some examples include tools that monitor lead management, parent communication, staff training, and more!
  • Educational improvements – KLA’s Pedagogy Consultants help you evaluate the educational performance of students and staff at your school. They will contact you  monthly and occasionally visit in person to put improvement plans into action where necessary.
  • Access to an Operational Consultant – KLA Operational Consultants are available for monthly conversations and multiple on-site visits each year. They serve as your main point of contact and can help guide you through any immediate challenges your school is facing.

With the franchise investment opportunity that we have developed, we are confident that KLA Schools offers everything that you need to become the top school for early childhood education in your area.

Contact the KLA team today to learn more about our early childhood education franchise and what makes us different from a standard daycare!