A Quality, Unique, and Innovative Approach to Preschool Education

In the modern world, there are countless avenues available to people that are in search of wealth-building opportunities to enrich their financial future. However, few if any of these roads have the potential to impact the future of people’s lives and the world like that of investing in the early childhood education industry. It offers rewards, unlike any other investment opportunity.

When famous adults receive awards and recognition from notable organizations in the worlds of business, science or arts & entertainment, it is common for them to thank a teacher that inspired them alongside their parents, close friends, and professional colleagues. More often than not, it is a teacher early in a child’s academic career that has had the greatest impact. More children need to experience the encouragement of an exceptional teacher.

Needed: Alternative Educational Opportunities

Because of the declining quality of education in the public school system and a steady increase in classroom size, the demand for alternative education and childcare services from the private sector continues to swell. To meet this demand, Candy and Roberto Arocena opened the first US-Based KLA Preschool in Miami in 2008, after successfully operating two other schools in Brazil. 

This unique and educational business is structured after the Regio Emilia design developed by lifelong educator Loris Malaguzzi after the Second World War.  KLA schools emphasize the timeless principles of respect, responsibility, and community through exploration and discovery. It is an innovative model and soon proved to be as dynamic in the United States as it had been in Brazil. 

Within two years, Candy and Roberto launched a franchise program based on the overwhelmingly positive response from the public to their charter location. In one decade, KLA grew to include twenty franchise locations in more than a half dozen states. Today, they are seeking to continue the growth of their contribution to society and to the future. 

They achieve this goal by offering the opportunity for partnership through franchise ownership to qualified business investors that desire to invest in the education industry. It is a common desire among financial investors and venture capitalists alike to use their money to make a meaningful and multifaceted impact on the world. Many investors see no better way to achieve their goals than to invest in children and education.  For these investors, becoming a daycare franchise owner is potentially the opportunity of a lifetime.   

For those looking to not only grow wealth but also build a legacy, becoming the owner of a KLA franchise can easily become one of the most fulfilling things they do with their time and money in not just one, but three significant ways: financially, personally and socially. 


Education is an inherently stable market. It enjoys a demand that is always constant, if not growing. It makes as much sense to invest in education as it does to invest in something like houses or healthcare because it’s always needed. People get sick, they need a place to live, and they will always need quality education for their children. 

As of 2011, there were 12.5 million children under the age of five enrolled in daycare, preschool, or some other institution of early childhood education. Communities and individuals will always need quality childcare and instruction. As the economic demands of the day have increasingly driven parents to create a dual-income household, the demand for childcare has increased. 

Surveys estimate that the children of working parents spend on average somewhere between 35 and 60 hours per week in the care of other people. Because of the modern economy’s tendency to move its workers—often cross country—for employment advancement, fewer and fewer people have extended family members living in close enough proximity to them to help care for their children. It is primarily for this reason that early childhood education has become a growing industry. 

There is an expanding recognition in the public’s perception of the lifelong benefits imparted by quality early childhood education. Often, even people that don’t particularly need care for their children outside the home still desire their children to enjoy the same social and academic benefits as their peers receive in interactions in the classroom setting. 

Decades of research have confirmed the lasting positive effects of early childhood education. It’s positive effects on social development and cognition that remain measurable even into the teen and young adult years.  


All the solid financial returns and abstract social recognition in the world from an investment won’t make a bit of difference to the investor if the results of the work made possible by their time and money don’t matter to them personally. In fact, if the difference made in the world by one’s investment is only measurable in dollar signs and hollow platitudes, then nothing of lasting value was gained.  

For those that become an owner of a KLA preschool franchise, however, this question is so easily answered on its face. There is no doubting the value of this investment. The meaningful difference made in the greater community by KLA preschools is obvious. It is difficult to imagine a more valuable business venture, especially in terms of its overall influence on the country’s future. It is one of the most meaningful businesses available. 

Other than being the parent of one’s own children, the greatest thing that anyone can do to impact the future is to become involved in the education of other people’s children. It is the time when they are the most impressionable. It is the perfect means at the perfect time to influence their lives via their academic and future work careers, helping them to become productive, thriving members of society.  

Children are made or broken by their experiences at this critical stage of development. Quality education in a positive environment is indispensable to their futures. Early childhood education should be the foundation for a lifetime of learning. It is the best time to have a positive influence on future generations. People with great wealth know that money alone cannot buy happiness or fulfillment. 

Many prudent financial investors wisely consider not just the numbers in their bank accounts but also ponder their own personal legacy. Money is only as good as what you do with it. While it is common for investors to focus on what they build and leave behind for their own children, it is not so common for them to consider leaving behind something that goes beyond mere physical assets and property. 

These things—although important—are not the greatest things that a person can give their children. The greatest thing that anyone can give their children beyond the values to live by, and the ability to succeed independently is a better world for them and their children to live in. While giving them a better world can mean things such as giving them better houses and schools, there is literally nothing of material value more important to the world they live in than the people they live and work alongside. 

An investment in education is an investment in the quality of human beings that will inhabit the world of a person’s children and grandchildren. There is no greater gift to leave future generations than better people to live in it. It’s the greatest gift that anyone could give their country, it’s the greatest gift to give one’s grandchildren, and it is debatably the greatest legacy one could have. There is no greater legacy than to have empowered an impressionable young person to become their very own individual force for positive change.  


Children, literally, are the future of the world. It is not a stretch to say that by becoming involved in early childhood education you are making an investment in the world’s future and humanity itself. A good education helps ensure the future of society by making it a safer place in which to love. 

It is not hyperbole to suggest that the value taught to even one student in a KLA preschool franchise today might impact the lives of thousands.  The difference between a purveyor of the humanities and an architect of human rights atrocities is the underlying values that any individual practices. Children taught kindness, respect, and love both by word and deed are children who grow up to become functional and contributing members of the society in which they live.

KLA franchise preschools help teach future generations that everyone has the power to create, explore, grow and discover together as individuals within a community. Invest in early childhood education using the KLA franchise model and equip a new generation of leaders and citizens with the ability to create a more beautiful world for everyone.