We Can Help You Open a Preschool Franchise in Florida

Business opportunities abound across the state of Florida, but there are few with greater growth potential than those in the education sector. Young families looking to find the right preschool franchise in Florida certainly have no shortage of options. However, finding one that can deliver a strong educational foundation for students is often easier said than done.

Entrepreneurs who open a childcare facility that stands out from standard daycare offerings will benefit from plenty of demand from local parents. Yet, doing so can be difficult on your own. If you’re looking to start a preschool, you should consider franchising with an established name with years of experience.

With the right franchisor training and supporting you, the path to opening a new daycare franchise can be much smoother than going it alone and can give you a leg up on the competition.

KLA Schools offers a phenomenal childcare franchise opportunity for investors who are interested in entering the early childhood education sector. Young families are constantly searching for the right childcare setting that can deliver the best educational outcomes for their children.

The research our team has done in Florida and the successful track record of other KLA locations make us confident that you’ll succeed as a franchisee.
Site Specifications

Where to Look in Florida

If you want to open a new preschool franchise in Florida, one of the first things you should do is identify the right market to enter. Florida has attracted many new residents in recent years, including young families.

The state also boasts several large metro areas with welcoming nearby residential communities. These communities are close enough to the big cities that residents can enjoy the economic, social, and recreational benefits.

At the same time, they are far enough removed from the “hustle and bustle” and provide a calmer environment where families can raise their children.

KLA Schools has selected several territories within Florida that we strongly believe would serve as ideal areas to open our preschool franchises. With our help, your new childcare facility will quickly catch the eye of young families living in the community and become a valuable asset to community members.

Orlando FL childcare franchise


The Orlando area is one of, if not the best, places in Florida for a KLA preschool franchise. Orlando is located in the central part of the state, which gives residents access to a wide variety of fun things to do. Orlando’s professional sports scene, theme parks, and overall family-friendly atmosphere have proven to be a hit with young families.

The city has also been recognized for its economic stability, making it a popular destination for those looking for steady jobs and homes. Some identified areas near and around Orlando with a high population of preschool-aged children include:

With all of these benefits, it’s not surprising that there has been a surging demand for preschool options in the Orlando area. The KLA Schools team can help you build a new school from the ground up or convert an existing facility to appeal to parents and children near Orlando.

With our design focus on large classrooms and outdoor play areas in an easily accessible setting, families will likely immediately notice and appreciate the KLA difference.


Tampa’s relatively low cost of living compared to other metro areas and ideal location not far from the water have earned it a reputation as a great place to raise a family. Most people first visit Tampa via one of the city’s three major airports, and many tourists fall in love with the area and decide to make it their home.

This has helped generate a rise in demand for a day care franchise where students can learn more than they would at a typical daycare. KLA School’s unique curriculum is often precisely what parents have been searching for as a key differentiator from existing preschool options.

Our team is confident that our franchise opportunity will be the perfect addition for the residents of Tampa and the city's surrounding neighborhoods, including:


Jacksonville’s scenic 22-mile stretch of beaches and robust job market growth have placed it at the top of the list of ideal places for young families to live. Jacksonville also offers a variety of homes and neighborhoods that can accommodate families from many different backgrounds and economic situations, making the area a great spot to open an early childhood center.

Some of the communities near Jacksonville that many young families call home are:

KLA’s team of researchers can help you find the best space to open an early childhood education franchise in or near Jacksonville. Together, we’ll set up a location that fits our shared vision for what the preschool will look like and how it will operate.

Our team can also help you open the franchise without overextending your budget and help you develop an achievable path to strong performance – both as a school and a business venture.

If you want to find the right partner for an early childhood education franchise, contact the KLA team about our investment opportunities in Florida!

Our Childcare Franchises Do It All – and Families Notice

Finding the right childcare option is a top priority for many families with young children. However, accomplishing that is often easier said than done, with all the childcare franchises in the market seeming to offer the same less-than-stellar experience. Even with all the careful planning involved in the decision-making, the child's experience ultimately determines whether it's the right fit. If the childcare setting proves educationally unengaging or does not promote a caring environment that creates a safe and inviting space for their child, re-visiting the search process for another option becomes imminent.

At KLA Schools, our awareness of the lack of quality childcare and parents’ dissatisfaction with their available options moved us to begin opening our preschools in multiple territories and developing our unique franchise business model. Parents and guardians today treat choosing a preschool with as much importance as selecting their child’s high school or college – and with good reason. The toddler-through-kindergarten-aged years are developmentally among the most important stages of a person’s life.

KLA franchise owners are well-positioned to take advantage of this ever-increasing focus on childcare. Our innovative approach to learning, school design and layout, top-notch training, and overall franchise process differentiate our brand from the standard daycare offering on the market. Thanks to our partnership with leading educators and entrepreneurs, KLA Schools have all the necessary ingredients to create the right learning environment for many young students. In this blog, we’ll identify the key aspects of our franchise opportunity that help KLA Schools stand out to young families.

Location, Location, Location

Location and accessibility are among the widely considered key driving factors in preschool choice. The KLA Schools team works diligently to select sites that meet families' needs by providing:


KLA Schools determination to enter territories is based on the population density of young families. We also identify how much demand there is for a new childcare franchise business based on the presence of competitors already operating in the area. Each KLA franchise owner works hand-in-hand with us during the market research process to ensure we choose the right communities to open our childcare franchises.

Our School Building Design and Layout

The physical dimensions of your preschool impacts the quality of education that takes place there. KLA Schools connects franchise owners with the right planning staff to ensure our shared vision for a childcare facility can take shape.

We prefer utilizing spacious classrooms that offer plenty of space for students to collaborate and explore their surroundings. This helps drive their curiosity for learning, which often holds significant appeal for families searching for childcare. Our schools also feature plenty of large windows that filter in natural light and plants that foster a better learning environment for students.

The KLA team offers flexibility on this front for investors through the real estate options we make available. Depending on their vision for the school and what they’d like to invest relative to real estate costs, KLA franchise owners can choose to either:


Stronger Teacher-Student Communication

Some children don’t learn as well in traditional daycare settings because they are not active participants in the learning process. The Reggio Emilia method that each KLA franchise embraces allows the students to provide more input regarding the direction of the lessons. Rather than the teacher simply leading the students to follow along, they encourage a more direct, back-and-forth dialogue that keeps the children engaged.

This also motivates the students to further immerse themselves in the lessons by interacting with real-world surroundings in the classroom. Families have noticed the positive interactions among students and staff at our schools and taken note of how much the children genuinely seem to enjoy their KLA Schools experience. All our efforts and dedication toward making this a reality help families realize what the KLA Schools’ team has worked to accomplish and the success that's followed. We are committed to working alongside each of our preschool franchise owners in delivering superior educational outcomes for students compared to the standard daycare facility.

Interested in learning more about a KLA Schools franchise opportunity? Contact us today and we’ll walk you through the franchising process of opening a preschool with us!